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About the Opportunity

Basic Booth is a unique photo booth licensing opportunity that benefits operators at any stage of their business experience.  This opportunity allows operators to independently operate while providing the equipment, infrastructure, and ongoing support needed to be successful! 


Starting a New or Side Business?

Looking to start a new business or add to existing service offerings? Photo booths provide a scalable opportunity to have a side business or grow your current source of income.  Purchasing with Basic Booth gives you the blueprint and support to launch and grown your business. 

Opportunity Candidates:

- Family Business 

- Semi Absentee Entrepreneur 

- Side Income for Professional 

- College Student / Post High School Grads

Business in a Box

Purchasing from Basic Booth provides you not only the equipment needed to have a photo booth, but we provide the insights and years of expertise to jump start your side hustle! 

Tools Provided for Success:

- Professional Website

- Social Media Pages Created 

- Photo Booth Software 

- Document / Email / Communication Templates 

- Marketing Materials 


Already in the Biz?

Are you a DJ or Event Planner and tired of outsourcing or relying on unreliable photo booth companies? Take more control of your events and bring in more revenue! 

Basic Booth offers a seamless extension of your existing business allowing you to add a photo booth option to your product mix without the need to add additional staff. 

- Wedding Planners 

- DJs / Club Promoters 

- Catering Companies

- Event Venues

- Entertainers (Bands, Clowns, etc)

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